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Improved Putting With CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro®

CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® are the new golf putting training aids that produce a perfect 'square at impact' stroke... every single time.

Our unique design means your shoulders always control the stroke – with a guaranteed perfect pendulum action – and eradicates the most common causes of poor putts and 'duffed' and 'thinned' chips.

Use CentreCup® when putting – and the putter always moves on a perfect 'straight back and straight through' path.

CentreCup Pro® can also be inclined to additionally promote an 'inside-square-inside' stroke – used by many Tour professionals.

Use CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® in practice or at home and develop Pro-level muscle memory. Just 10 minutes a day will teach your body how a great pendulum putting stroke feels.

You can now buy the CentreCup from Golf Direct

CentreCup launches in the USA at the PGA Show in Orlando

Putting System
Arms are 'locked in' unable to move independently of your body. Wrists cannot break. A smooth rocking of the shoulders generates the prefect pendulum action - with the putter face square to the ball throughout the stroke.
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Chipping System
Remove the Putter Brace and CentreCup becomes perfect for greenside chips and 'bump and runs'. The same perfect pendulum stroke created by the shoulders helps avoids duffed and thinned chips.
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CentreCup Putting
Use CentreCup in your home or office. Our fully adjustable putting system allows you to find the perfect posture, then teach your muscles to memorise what a Pro putting stroke feels like. Get results in just 10 minutes a day.
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CentreCup Technology

Our advanced putting training aid is packed with features to help you master the perfect pendulum putting and chipping stroke.

  • CentreCup Anti-Break Putter Brace™
  • Adjustable CentreCup Anti-Twist Locators™
  • Padded Chest Brace
  • CentreCup Putt-Slide Bars™
  • Adjustable to fit all length putters
  • Sightlined Mirror and Mirror Position Guide
  • Tubular steel frame and aluminium base plate
  • Hardwearing inset rubber matt

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



All you need to know about CentreCup and how it will improve your putting and chipping.

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