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Alison Nicholas, MBE"The moment I first used CentreCup I could feel my shoulders in control of my putting stroke. It creates the correct movement for a pure pendulum putting stroke, which is something golfers of all levels should look to achieve if they want to hole more putts.

"It gave me instant feedback and I could feel a difference immediately.

"I will be using CentreCup in putting lessons at the Alison Nicholas Golf Academy to help amateurs build a good putting stroke and I will be introducing it to players on the Ladies European Tour, as I believe it will have a major impact in the professional game."

Alison Nicholas, MBE
Solheim Cup Captain 2009

Andy Gorman"CentreCup is an incredible innovation in putting. In practice, once you have lined up a putt it is virtually impossible to miss.

"I have used it in conjunction with The Rail - the Harold Swash training aid used by Padraig Harrington - and the success levels in keeping the ball on the rail increase dramatically when using CentreCup.

"This proves that CentreCup really does keep the putter face square throughout the stroke."

Andy Gorman
PGA Professional

Andy Wool"CentreCup is the best putting aid I have used. It makes you stand perfectly square to the target line and it is impossible to make a poor stroke - all you have to do is rock your shoulders. I love it."

Andy Wool
Operations Manager, PowerPlay Golf

Dave Kelly"This is an unbelievable development in putting training aids. Everything sits so perfectly square to the ball. CentreCup has definitely improved my putting."

Dave Kelly
Pryors Hayes Golf Club, UK

Matt Barley"Thanks Ian for inventing CentreCup. I've always struggled to hole enough 6-8ft putts - now I can't stop. Brilliant."

Matt Barley
Nantwich, UK

"Like almost all good ideas, the first question that springs to mind when you see a demonstration of the Centre Cup putting trainer for the first time is: 'Why hasn't anyone though of this before?' The concept is simple to understand, the device is easy to use and it works first time and every time.

It's often said you, 'drive for show and putt for dough.' If that's true, acquiring a Centre Cup putting trainer would definitely be a worthwhile investment."

Bill Robertson
Editor, Golf Links magazine

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



All you need to know about CentreCup and how it will improve your putting and chipping.

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