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Better Putting With a 'Pure In-line Putting Stroke' (PILS)

With around 50% of your golf round made up of putts, the fastest way to shoot lower scores is by becoming a better putter.

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CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® promote the pendulum putting stroke, the simplest and most effective way to putt. They also encourage perfect rhythm – another cornerstone of great putting.

By making sure your eyes, shoulders, forearms, hips, knees & feet are all aligned – and keeping the putter square to the aimline throughout the stroke – CentreCup guarantees a straight-back-and-through path.

CentreCup Pro® also delivers Tour player levels of set-up consistency but can also be inclined for better players who want a slight 'in-square-in stroke'.

CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® eliminate all of the problems that cause poor putting and use unique and patented technology to promote only good putting technique.


1. Putter face is always square to the ball

2. Starts and keeps putts on line

With shoulders free from twisting and the wrists unable to break, a simple on-plane tilt of the shoulders promotes a perfect 'straight back and straight through' stroke

With shoulders, arms and hands 'locked in' and moving in unison, every putt made using the CentreCup golf training aid starts - and stays - on line

3. Eliminates shoulder twist

4. Eradicates wrist break

CentreCup's patented chest brace and Putt-Slide Bars™ design means shoulders are always square to the ball-to-target line and simply cannot twist offline.

Breaking or 'cocking' the wrists can destroy your putting stroke. With CentreCup, the patented Anti-Break Putter Brace™ locks your putter in two places, at the top and bottom of the grip. This makes it impossible to break your wrists and move the putter offline.

5. Rolls putts consistently

6. Lateral sway minimized

With CentreCup, as the putter is always delivered to the ball on the same line and on a shallow path or arc - striking the ball right in the middle of the putter's sweetspot - putts roll without bobble, skid or hop.

Lateral body sway during the stroke has a negative impact on the putter's path, causing 'chops' or 'tops'. Our adjustable Anti-Sway Locators™ can be set to the finest tolerances, giving instant audible feedback if you move too far L-R

7. Develops 'big muscle' memory for a perfect pendulum putting stroke

8. Develops confidence and feel. Take what you practice onto the course.

Repeated use of CentreCup either on the practice green, at home or in your office, conditions the big muscles in your back to use your shoulders to control the stroke. Your brain automatically remembers this conditioned feeling when on the course.

More putts holed in practice, combined with improved muscle memory, develops an increased confidence and feel which is transferred to the course.

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



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