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Features Designed for Better Putting

CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® are the only putting training aids in the world that guarantee you make a perfect pendulum putting stroke every time you swing your putter.

CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® use unique and patented technology to make the shoulders always control the stroke – with the wrists, arms and shoulders all moving in complete unison – so the putter face is always delivered square to the ball.

And for chipping, with the Anti-Break Putter BraceT removed and swapping the putter for an iron or utility club, CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® can be used to practice greenside 'feel' shots – short-range chips or bump and runs.

Whether you want to pop the ball up so it stops quickly, or produce a low runner, using CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® on a regular basis will improve your technique for making these crucial scoring shots.


Our advanced putting training aid is packed with technology to help you master the perfect pendulum putting stroke.  

CentreCup® and CentreCup Pro® enable golfers of all abilities to to make a repeatable, rhythmical putting & chipping stroke. 

  • Develops muscle memory for a perfect pendulum putting stroke
  • Encourages smooth rhythm
  • Eliminates excessive shoulder twisting
  • Eradicates wrist break – the putter is locked in
  • Putter face is always delivered square to the ball
  • Promotes 'straight back and straight through' or 'in-square-in' strokes
  • Keeps lateral sway to a minimum
  • Starts and keep putts on line
  • Ball rolls without skid or hop
  • Develops confidence and feel

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



All you need to know about CentreCup and how it will improve your putting and chipping.

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