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Become Better At Chipping In Hours

With chips and putts constituting around 65% of your round, one of the best ways to save shots is to use CentreCup in practice to develop an outstanding short game. 

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CentreCup's design, which puts the shoulders in complete control of the stroke, can be used to devastating effect around the greens. By removing the bottom part of our putting brace, your arms and hands hang more freely - but crucially, your shoulders cannot twist off line.

This always delivers the face of your chosen club square to the ball and target line - whether you're using a wedge, iron or utility club.

CentreCup eliminates all of the problems that cause poor chipping and uses unique and patented technology to promote a classic chipping technique.


1. Move the ball back in your stance

2. Hands ahead of the ball

Place the ball just inside your back foot. This encourages a descending blow to the back of the ball.

Press your hands slightly forward of the ball and concentrate on keeping this feeling during the stroke.

3. Keep wrist hinge to a minimum

4. Twisting minimised

Just like in the putting stoke, where CentreCup's design takes your hands out of the equation, try and maintain the feeling of making a putting stroke (rather than a flip at the ball)

Many golfers have a tendency to twist their shoulder way too much when chipping. This 'violent' twist causes the stroke to speed up and more often than not the ball is pulled or pushed off-line. CentreCup keeps the shoulders permanently square to the target line, and this in turn keeps the clubhead right on line too.

5. Hybrid/utility 'bump and run'

If you want to produce a low-running chip through the greenside fringe, a utility club or hybrid can be used with good effect. By promoting the perfect pendulum action, CentreCup enables you to control this club in your hands, and develop a smooth repeatable stroke every time.

  • Use a pendulum putting stroke
  • Choke down on the club
  • Place the ball slightly forward
  • Shift your weight slightly forward
  • Stroke the chip as you would a putt

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



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