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About Us

CentreCup has been developed by PGA Pro Ian Melville, a teaching professional for more than 15 years and a former coach of the Jamaican National Team. Ian has given thousands of putting lessons in his career and follows the Dave Peltz principle of the 'straight back, straight through' putting technique - where the putter face is kep square to the ball and target line throughout the stroke - also known as the PILS (Pure InLine Stroke).

The basics of the PILS stroke are simple:

  • Keep the putter face square during the stroke.
  • Keep the putter head moving straight along the target line..
  • Use a simple pendulum stroke, originating at the shoulders. This takes the forearms, wrists, and hands out of the equation. The hands should hang freely below the shoulders, so that the "pendulum" formed by the shoulders and hands is perfectly vertical.
  • The shoulders must be aimed square to the target line.

Throughout his teaching career, Ian Melville has used many putting training aids to coach pupils but none guarantee that the shoulders control the stroke. While many aids keep the putter-face square, often by physically fixing it in place, the golfer is still able to twist their shoulders, break their wrists or move their arms independently - all swings faults which lead to poor putting.

CentreCup's patented design makes it is impossible to produce these swing flaws. The unique Putter Brace and Shoulder Brace eliminate 'wrist-break' meaning the golfer cannot flip at the ball and also means the arms hang freely and can only move straight back and straight through. Anti-Twist Bars prevent the golfer from twisting off line and keep the shoulders square to the target line throughout the backswing and follow-through.

All this technology combines to stop the putter face opening and closing through the stroke.

The end result is that CentreCup is the only putting training aid in the world which gurantees that the shoulders are 100% in control of the putting stroke and that the putter is always square to the ball and target line.

Contact Us

Ian Melville, PGA Professional and inventor of CentreCup
Tel: +44 (0) 7818 432007

John Kelly, Media & PR inquiries
Tel: +44 (0) 7876 704675

CentreCup News

Click here For news of the launch of CentreCup® in the USA at the PGA show in Orlando.



All you need to know about CentreCup and how it will improve your putting and chipping.

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